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different package choices for beer pong tables

beer pong table is a little fragile in long way transportation. There are high risks of table damage during shipping.To well protect tables, we have some basic protection packages , plus some other package ways for your choices.

For basic protection packages, we have two kinds: for mass production products and for samples. For mass production products, our package way is each product surrounded with foams, then into carton.With foams surrounded, there could avoid tables shake during shipping, which could help largely lower damage rate. for samples, we shall add two more sponges in the table middle, in order to balance the pressure during long way express shipment.  Below are two kinds of  our package picture. 

For other package ways for choices, we have two kinds: the first one is carry bag package. The second one is pallet package. Before loading into carton, we could help to put tables into carry bag first, which could help add one more protection layer.  For pallet package, all the handle during shipment is by the whole pallet,  not by separate tables, which could help protect tables safe largely. Our package way for pallet is : 36pcs tables into one pallet , pallet dimension is 120*100*200cm/36pcs. Attached are the carry bag and pallet packages pictures.

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