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how to win beer pong game

beer pong is a world wide game. Each year, hundreds of thousands players will go to Las Vegas to fight for the Championship and the prize. This article we shall share some techniques to help you win beer pong games.

1.Pick up the right partner. There are two kinds of very important skills to play beer pong well, the first skill is hand-eye coordination , the second one is muscle memory. Usually higher player share more advantage than the shorter one. When you pick up your partner, pls dont forget above criteria.

2.Finding your most comfortable and suitable throwing way. There are hundreds of throwing ways to win the game. You just need to find your most suitable one. While someone like the arch one, others may prefer free throw. It doesn't matter anyway.

3.Finding your most comfortable throwing position. No matter what finger you are using to throw the ball, just remember the dominant motion of the throw should be in your wrist.

4.Practise, practise, a lot of practice. Practice makes perfect

5. Medium drinking is good for you. The drink could help to stay loose during matches.

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