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Different kinds of beer pong tables available in our company

Having been founded for 4 years, our company have developed many different kinds of beer pong tables for your choices.

Below we show you the details.

1) 8ft beer pong tables. 8ft beer pong tables are the most regulation beer pong tables. The Las Vegas beer pong tournaments are using the standard 8ft*2ft beer pong tables.  This kind of table is also the most popular and widest used one. Based on different purposes, we have come up with several different kinds.

 1st: usual beer pong tables. The most common one.

 2nd:beer pong tables with holes. The triangle holes could hold the cups strongly, help to protect the cups from spillage.


 3rd: beer pong tables with led lightning. Used at night, this kind table make beer pong game much more cool.


 4th:beer pong tables with icebag. Could keep the inner beer cool during the whole game .

 5th: beer pong tables with bluetooth speaker. Make beer pong tables more interesting.

2)6.5ft beer pong tables. Besides standard 8ft tables, we still have 6.5ft tables =200*60cm, could be used when room is not so large to put one 8ft table. 

3)6ft beer pong tables. The dimension for this kind of table is 180*60cm. Besides beer pong tables, this kind of table is also being used as camping and picnic tables. 

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