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different beer pong balls materials for comparison

beer pong balls are essential for one successful beer pong game. There are different materials for beer pong balls in the market: PP, PE, ABS, Celluloid. In this article, we shall explain their advantages and disadvantages separately .

The most common materials for beer pong balls are PP and PE. The biggest advantages for them is cheap cost. Usually one ball is about $0.015pc, much lower than other ball kinds. At the same time, they also share one obvious shortcoming: bad bouncing ability. In one beer pong game, people do mostly toss the ball into the cup directly, thus sometimes the bad bouncing ability is not so important. Plus their low cost, pp and pe balls occupy the most part of market.

However, if players require better game experience or the beer pong game is higher level, usually there require better balls: celluloid and ABS balls. They are excellent in bouncing and durable in quality. Because of this, they are mostly used in tournaments. 

However, since celluloid is one dangerous material, it has explosion risk during transportation, they are limited to export and import. On the contrary, ABS is a very safe material, and ABS balls are newly developed to replace celluloid balls. In recent years, more and more our customers choose ABS balls, because of its durable quality and excellent bouncing. Usually ABS and celluloid balls share the similar cost.

Based on above info, if you prefer cheap cost and dont have high requirement of balls bouncing, then PP ball is perfect for you ; however, if you are buying tournament grade balls, then our ABS balls shall be your best choice.

In last article, we have shared the topic of PP beer pong cups VS PS beer pong cups , you may visit if you are interested.

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