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knife scratch resistant beer pong table surfaces come out

Our beer pong tables surfaces are using sticker printing, sticker printing could ensure  high printing quality+small MOQ for each design quantity. Compared to traditional silk printing, we could print any complicated designs with vivid and bright picture. What's more, we don't have MOQ limit for each table design. For example, you could even order 10pcs table  with 10 different designs.

The only shortcomings of sticker printing is waterproof and knife scratch resistant features when compared with silk printing. However, now we have conquered above two shortcomings. Using PVC as one material for sticker printing, the PVC is one water and alcohol proof material,  with this material inside, the table surfaces will keep waterproof . And now we have newly developed one thicker table layer, this layer could ensure keep table surfaces from edged products damage , such as knife and scissor. This kind of table is much popular in tournament and event, as tables on that occasion faces more risks of damage.

Samples are welcome for quality check and test !

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